Event held on July 02

Anita McIntyre | A Survey 1970 - 2022

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Event runs from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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‘Anita McIntyre. A Survey 1970 to 2022 examines Anita McIntyre’s remarkable career in ceramics from student works of the 1970s to recent explorations produced immediately prior to the present exhibition. McIntyre’s art is an expression of her experiences of her world and her reflections and memories of those experiences. For her the world encompasses family, history and especially place. Her life journey in both a physical and metaphorical sense is captured in her art. The many works in the exhibition open viewers to not only vicariously enjoy McIntyre’s journeys but also to imaginatively create their own. Her actual journeys have seen her in Asia. Europe. North America and particularly and regularly in Australia’s outback and remote northern coastlines. This topographical variety is beautifully exemplified in the formal and decorative diversity that populates the exhibition, an aesthetic diversity that reflects the exploring and inquiring imagination that creates it.’ Peter HaynesSAA Artistic Director / exhibition curator