Event held on May 28

Annalouise Paul: Flamenco For Everybody

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM


Flamenco for Everybody builds lasting memories and deep respect for the art form. The audience is invited to learn about the poetry, language and social, historical, and cultural events that have shaped Flamenco over time, encountering a living tradition of Andalusian, Romani, Sephardi, Arabic and Moorish cultures. Flamenco for Everybody grew organically out of the 2020 lockdowns when Annalouise Paul decided to go outdoors to a community veranda to dance flamenco for the year. The connection with locals was strong. She met walkers, boaties, dogs and children and one little boy on a scooter who specifically asked, “Are you making a show? For everybody?” The show opens with Annalouise sharing her story, using contemporary dance, sound design and video installation. This unfolds into a full live performance of flamenco dance with poetry, percussion, flamenco guitar and songs. By the end, we invite the audience to learn some rhythms and get up to dance! Entry Cost All tickets $35