Event held on November 07

Bill Bailey – En Route to Normal

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


How did we get here? How do we find our way through this? And exactly who are we again? In Bill’s new show, En Route to Normal, Bill ponders these and other questions that this moment in history has thrown up and tries to see a way through the strange unreality of our new world. With Bill naming the show before we’d even heard of Covid-19, En Route to Normal has become not just a funny, heart-warming mix of stories, music and history, but a personal mission to find our way through these strange times! Tracing lines through chaotic moments in history, Bill seeks out parallels where human resilience and our ability to endure has got them through times of strife. Through music, songs, and memories, Bill considers their changing priorities, the wonder of dogs, how little things can keep you on track, and rhapsodises on his newfound love of skydiving. He recounts his own experiences of dealing with isolation, ruminating the ‘sounds of lockdown’ which led to a greater appreciation of birdsong and perhaps led to the creation of music itself, and how their reliance on technology has inspired Bill himself to create dance remixes of video-calling ringtones.