Event held on October 02

Nat Bartsch’s Lullabies: Forever More

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 9:10 PM


In 2018, Melbourne pianist/composer Nat Bartsch released her acclaimed suite of lullabies, Forever, and No Time At All (ABC Classic). Influenced by music therapy, her compositions were designed with a dual purpose: to help babies fall asleep, whilst also soothing the parents. This music has had an impact far greater than Nat intended – not only helping many children to sleep successfully, but played by people from all walks of life, from childbirth to death. In 2020, just days before lockdown, Nat returned to the studio to record a follow up album. Forever More (ABC Jazz) is a jazz re-interpretation of her lullabies, in an ensemble featuring some of Melbourne’s most sensitive and lyrical improvisers. The outcome is a transporting musical experience exploring the space between jazz and neoclassical. It was nominated for the ARIA for Best Jazz Album in 2020. Nat Bartsch – piano/electronics Robbie Melville – guitar/effects Tamara Murphy – double bass Maddison Carter - drums Entry Cost All tickets $29 - Standard: $32.00 Concession: $29.00