Event held on September 24

NatureArt Lab’s Australian Ferns Illustrated Workshop

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Event runs from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Daily, until 26/09/2021


Celebrate National Science Week by becoming an artist, immersing yourself in nature, and learning about the natural wonders of this world with NatureArt Lab’s workshop on Australian Ferns Illustrated. Beginning on 25 September, NatureArt Lab offers a unique three-day studio workshop to learn about Australian Ferns and illustrate them with botanical accuracy. Starting with a field trip to the Rainforest Gully at the Australian National Botanic Gardens prior to the workshop, students will learn from Kylie and Dwayne Stocks, owners and operators of the Verdigris specialist fern nursery located in the foothills of the Clyde Mountain Range, who have been collecting and growing ferns for almost 20 years. Back in the studio, with guidance from award-winning, Canberra-based botanical artist Halina Steele, students will explore the many shapes and forms of ferns, examining various methods to create highlights, depth and texture when illustrating the intricate details of ferns. Students will gradually develop the illustration into a beautiful work of art. Suitable for intermediate students with a serious interest in achieving botanical accuracy and with limited places, book your place now and develop your inner scientific illustrator! As days become longer and brighter, take time to be outside, immerse yourself in nature, be inspired, and develop your artistic side!