Event held on November 30

Other Players

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, until 6/02/2022


Feeling inspired by Graeme Base’s thrilling and detailed works? Local artists Byrd and Hanna Hoyne certainly have been – visit Other Worlds: Exploring the Universe of Graeme Base and see how they have responded to these otherworldly themes in fantastical, large-scale murals in the Generator Gallery. The living studios are an awesome way to meet artists, see how they work and get inspired for your own creative adventures! Byrd and Hanna Hoyne will be working together to produce a mural across the walls of the Generator Gallery bringing a new suite of characters to the world of Graeme Base’s children’s book The Worst Band in the Universe. This is an exciting opportunity for Byrd and Hoon as they draw from the ongoing themes of each other’s practice to make something new and perhaps unexpected. Bedded into the mural are hyperlinks to extended content; from the making of video to sketchbook insights from each artist. The hyperlinks will let the viewers into a deeper understanding of these other players.