Event held on August 18

Science Week with the ANU School of Cybernetics: Speech Recognition Technology

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Event runs from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


People’s ability to use their chosen language is critical for human dignity and the general wellbeing of society. Language facilitates meaningful interactions with one another, enabling expression, and the transmission of history and traditions. And language allows people to construct the future. But what if the technology used to construct this future doesn’t acknowledge your language? Join Kathy Reid for an examination of speech recognition technology through a cybernetic lens. A communication tool that translates spoken words into text using voice commands instead of typing, speech recognition technology is increasingly serving diverse users in complex settings. This event is free to attend but bookings are essential. For those unable to make it to Canberra for the panel discussion, it will be livestreamed online via the Library's Facebook page. No bookings are required to watch the online stream. Cybernetic thinking for a new world is presented by the ANU School of Cybernetics in partnership with the National Library of Australia. Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski CC-BY-SA About Kathy Reid: Kathy Reid works at the intersection of open source, emerging technologies, and technical communities. Over the last 20 years, Kathy has held several senior leadership roles in the technology industry, and then decided she would return to study, completing a Master of Cybernetics at the School of Cybernetics.