Event held on February 06

The Necks In Concert

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Event runs from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Seeing The Necks in concert is an experience like no other. Chris Abrahams, Tony Buck and Lloyd Swanton - these three master musicians, who take to the stage with nothing prepared in advance - set out investigating a humble musical notion and then over the course of pieces which sometimes go for an hour or more, conjure textures and aural illusions that defy description. From their unambitious beginnings in a rehearsal space over thirty years ago, The Necks are now in demand around the world and consequently have to pack their performances in their native Australia into the early part of each year. Don't miss this chance to see The Necks in concert. Entry Cost All tickets $35 - Standard: $45.00 Concession: $42.00 Student: $35.00