Event held on June 25

Truffle and Raclette Nights

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM


Winter. A time of icy cold days, long dark nights… and molten, oozing cheese here at the Estate as they throw open the doors and invite you into the warmth for truffle night – the most luxurious in the annual series of raclette events here at the Estate. Unfamiliar with the fine Franco/Swiss tradition of gathering around the raclette grill? Let them take your coat, offer you a glass of mulled wine and lead you to your banqueting table where we will demonstrate the ancient art of preparation and presentation of this truly unique meal. Observe as half wheels of French raclette cheese are heated tableside in traditional raclette ovens until bubbling and golden, then showered with shaved black truffle and served with a selection of pickles, garden-fresh vegetables, our award-winning smokehouse charcuterie and crusty sourdough bread. Feast on the finest fungi and Fromage with all the accoutrements, then head back out into the chill still basking in the heady embrace of this exceptional Alpine eating experience. Numbers are limited, so bookings are essential. Entry Cost All tickets $119