Event held on April 29

While You Sleep

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 8:20 PM
Daily, until 30/04/2022


An aural and visual excursion into both the musical fugue and the psychological 'fugue state', While You Sleep unites string quartet, piano, electronics, video and animation in a surreal counterpoint of music, movement and image where nothing is quite as it seems. The inherent contradiction and tension between these two very different possibilities is at the heart of this work, as is an exploration of the selective truth of memory, and the compelling possibilities of delusion. Hand-drawn animation, live action, video and stop-motion are choreographed alongside the musicians on the stage. Pianist Jacob Abela, violinists Isabel Hede and Zachary Johnston, violist Phoebe Green and cellist David Moran are set in motion so that they trace intricate tracks and lines of flight across the stage on foot and on wheeled chairs. The music is memorised, and the performers engage and interact with three large screens, reversing, whizzing, spinning, emerging and disappearing between live performative elements and animated/visual content. Entry Cost All tickets $50 Concession $45 Student $30