Event held on October 20

An Evening with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Event runs from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM


Indulge in a spectrum of orchestral delight with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra when it returns to Albury and to live performances in 2022 presenting a powerful program featuring the premiere of new work from renowned local composer Paul Stanhope and, music's most famous four notes; the opening to Beethoven's iconic fifth symphony. The grandeur of Ludwig van Beethoven at the height of his powers is showcased in this most impactful of beginnings. Beloved by performers and audiences alike, the fifth symphony is a musical adventure. Beethoven takes simple themes (including this famous rhythm) and expertly weaves them into a layered musical texture while building a sense of dramatic urgency building to a powerful and fulfilling finale. Acclaimed Australian composer Paul Stanhope brings a contemporary and delicate touch to his boisterous use of the same orchestral forces. Across the short, characterful movements of Spin Dances, fate is less 'knocking at the door' than flinging it open and whirling through the landscape in a flurry of spirited rhythm and dynamic harmonies.