Event held on April 18

Antelodic and Spartacus Collective

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM


Melbourne-based trio Antelodic (led by Melville) celebrate the release of their second album, To Iceland! To Iceland! (ABC Jazz) with a national tour, joined by drummer Ronny Ferella’s Spartacus Collective, and live visual artist Jean Poole. Antelodic: Antelodic is an instrumental chamber jazz trio ed by guitarist Robbie Melville, winner of the Instrumental Category of the 2018 International Songwriting Competition. Featuring the unusual instrumentation of guitar with two saxophones (and occasional clarinet and flute), the woodwinds - Gideon Brazil (tenor saxophone) and Monty Mackenzie (alto saxophone) - often perform the role of rhythm section, allowing the guitar to become the melodic voice. The trio have developed a highly nuanced approach to their creative practice that allows them to experiment in the moment while maintaining a unified ensemble sound. Spartacus Collective: Spartacus Collective is a quartet of solo drum set with instrumental accompaniment. A combination of written notation and improvised material is utilised to put the drummer in the solo spotlight. Conceived by drummer/composer Ronny Ferella this project flips the traditional roles of the usual instrumental hierarchy and highlights the drum set as a tonal instrument that can adapt to the requirements of the music on hand. Due to current advice on public gatherings, please contact the host of this event to confirm it is proceeding as planned. Entry Cost All tickets $35