Event held on July 05

Kayo Yokoyama: My Story

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 26/07/2020


In this exhibition Kayo Yokoyama explores her Japanese cultural heritage, focusing on aspects of Zen philosophy which played a significant part in her upbringing. Initially struggling with her Japanese heritage and strict cultural values Yokoyama moved to the US to embrace contemporary Western society before moving to Australia, where she started to re-connect with her cultural identity and Zen philosophy. Now based in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, her work often results in physical manifestations of her search for a sense of home and belonging across the different countries and cultures she has lived in. Delicately etched trees are a re-occurring motif which hint at the universal comfort of nature even in unfamiliar places. The moon and waterfalls are recent additions to her artistic language representing nature’s beauty and companionship. Yokoyama’s new body of work will explore Japanese aesthetics and echo ideas of Zen philosophy. A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition. Entry Cost All tickets $3