Event held on November 23

The Lyrebird Festival | Megalong Valley

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The Lyrebird Festival launches in 2023, celebrating the spectacular Megalong Valley with music, art, food & wine, talks & nature walks. Founded and directed by the Bowerbird Collective, this event brings together some of Australia's finest musicians for a series of spellbinding concerts. An iconic Australian species, and an evolutionary marvel, the lyrebird represents all that is sacred in the bush. They can be heard in the Megalong Valley imitating the calls of hundreds of other species, as well as producing their own thrilling sounds. The Lyrebird Festival brings together art, science and conservation, and includes local culinary delights, intimate, world-class performances and an immersive, interactive experience of Janet Laurence's 'Elixir Lab'. Artists: Simone Slattery | violin, vocals Emily Sheppard | violin, vocals Katie Yap | viola, vocals Anthony Albrecht | cello Yyan Ng | shakuhachi, guitar, vocals Andrew Blanch | guitar Janet Laurence | visual artist