Event held on August 06

Warm Up In The Blu at Genesis Blu Wellness!

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Event runs from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Daily, until 8/08/2021


A brand new addition to the Winter Fire Festival!! The Blu Room is finally down under... and it's right here in Orange! The only one of its kind in Australia. Don't miss this special and unique experience for this year's festival. Warm-up, unwind and lift up! The Blu Room is a physical room in the shape of an octagon. It combines UVB narrowband lights and sound with specific frequencies which together creates an environment that can help you relax. The user lays on the bed in the centre of the room for 20 minutes, wearing eye protection and comfortable clothing. The Blu Room creates a calming atmosphere that insulates you from your everyday stresses. Its Patented technology can improve your well-being and promote a state of enhanced mind and body relaxation. The Blu Room is for anyone – including children and the elderly – who wants to step out of their daily environment. Users have reported a wide range of personal benefits, including: - Improved well-being - Deep relaxation - Relief from mental stress - Increased creativity - Mood upliftment and a sustained state of Joy - Clarity of mind Special festival offer for the winter fire festival Pay 2 sessions and get 3 for AUD140 or AUD50 single session Entry Cost All tickets $50 - Please call or email Genesis Wellness Blu directly to book your spot.