Event held on May 24

Japan On Tour: Whiskey Tasting Night

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Event runs from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Fred’s Whisk(e)y Business appreciation Master Classes are perfect for birthday celebrations and lovers of this wonderfully crafted spellbinding drop. Each event is hosted by Whisk(e)y Connoisseur Lukasz Muller providing you insight into the many distilleries and varieties available. "Japan On Tour" gives you the opportunity to explore renowned Japanese Distillery's including Suntory, Nikka, Mars Iwai, Hakushu, to name a few, and the history that is behind these names. You will be treated to a wonderful selection of Fred's sumptuous tapas in their private Whisk(e)y Room between tastings and sample five of Japans Best included in the package. You'll also have an opportunity to sample from the huge range of available Whiskies "from the good cabinet" and win prizes! Entry Cost All tickets $125