Event held on May 21

Piano's For The People The Entrance Concert

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Event runs from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Yantra installs pianos in public places for the community to play. She believes accessible music and colour in the streets play a major role in the recovery in these unprecedented times, as they are being challenged to reassess their sense of belonging as a collective and diverse society. In each location, Yantra gathers pianos, local musicians, choirs and artists. Together they create totally unique free outdoor performances, inspired by the land and people, the love of pianos and making music together. At the heart of this project are music recycling and the importance of gifting, restoring and reinventing unwanted pianos. Come see this project in a FREE magical live concert on the Central Coast at The Entrance Waterfront Plaza from 7pm and plenty of wonderful local food and cafe's for you to take in dinner or a drink.