Event held on May 19

Single Vineyard Experience at Tyrrell's

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Event runs from 11:15 AM to 1:45 PM
Daily, until 30/06/2022


Launching on 02 May 2022 for the Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival! Tyrrell’s is as much a part of the fabric of the Hunter Valley as the Semillon and Shiraz vines they’ve been nurturing since the founder, English-immigrant Edward Tyrrell, first started planting them in 1858. Their long history in the Hunter Valley has enabled them to identify the region’s best vineyards, 11 of them more than a century old; to ascertain the best blocks within those vineyards; and to craft wines from those blocks that clearly reflect their origins. Thriving in a diverse range of soils, from sandy loams lying on ancient creek beds to heavier red clays over limestone, the Tyrrell's vineyards produce some of the most distinctive and refined wines in the world. Their Single Vineyard collection celebrates the best single blocks that produce wines of distinct character unique to that site and the Hunter Valley. Over the course of an hour, enjoy a guided journey through some of our most iconic Single Vineyard blocks, sampling both aged and current release vintages of the Semillon and Shiraz they produce.