Event held on September 05

Papermaking as Art with Yvonne Ledingham

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM


Yvonne has been working with paper making for over 40 years and will demonstrate various artistic effects in this exciting new workshop! More recently, Yvonne has exhibited works made from paper and was offered the opportunity in 2019 to produce and show over 50 works at one of her local galleries of international standard. The response of visitors has increased Yvonne’s resolve to keep working with this art form and to raise the interest in and profile of specialised paper making. The creation of images using different coloured pulp (‘pulp painting’) is hard to explain, as this technique is fairly rare. Prepared pulps (recycled select waste office paper), cotton rag pulp and some plant fibre pulp will be provided by tutor. Basic paper making equipment will be available for you to use on the day. Yvonne will demonstrate different effects and participants will make simple notepaper size sheets of paper and embellish these with coloured pulp and learn to embed decorative materials supplied by participants and /or by the tutor. Yvonne will demonstrate how to make a large sheet of paper using small sheets formed using a small mould and deckle. Samples of Yvonne’s work will be on display including papers for sale. Having given many workshops Yvonne has learnt to be flexible and will answer questions and share her skills throughout the day. Entry Cost All tickets $150