Event held on January 11

Scarecrow - The Mellencamp Show at Mulwala Water Ski Club

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Event runs from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM


High energy and great music is what Scarecrow – The Mellencamp Show deliver. Mellencamp fans will be mezmerised at the performance of front man Gary Young as he sings and plays through hit after hit of the 80’s superstar. Scarecrow leaves nothing to chance in recreating the sounds and visual excitement that takes audiences on this whirlwind trip. The hits are all there and even Mr. Mellencamp himself has professed his pleasure at the bands musical accuracy when it comes to his songs and their performances. Whether you are reliving the hits of your past, or discovering the music of your future, let Scarecrow be the vehicle to take you on this journey of a lifetime. Musically authentic, visually electrifying and on a scale of one to ten, the energy is off the charts, if that sounds like your kind of night, then Scarecrow is absolutely right for you.