Event held on June 26

Nexas Quartet: Crossover FORBES

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Event runs from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


The saxophone came into existence as a classical instrument in the 1840's, but it was Jazz music that has insured its place in history. Crossover features two famous works by George Gershwin and two exciting works by saxophonists. All works fuse the classical and jazz worlds together. Starting with the vibrancy of George Gershwin, Nexas will take you through Cuban Overture with all its energy and delight. Following this work will be a brand new work written by highly acclaimed Australian jazz saxophonist Graham Jesse. Graham Jesse is one of Australia's most renowned saxophonists seen performing all over the nation from jazz clubs and large stages, to the pits of musicals. This work was written for Nexas Quartet in 2020 and shows the virtuosity and style of the quartet while bringing a new flair of jazz vocabulary. More Gershwin is to follow with his most acclaimed work 'American in Paris', sit back and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Paris streets with this work that depicts car horns, frilly frocks and charm. Bob Mintzer's Quartet will get you dancing in your seat to close this performance. A fun syncopated play on the beat with great groove and joyous harmonies. Bob Mintzer is a leading jazz saxophonist in New York and through this work demonstrates all his style and charisma.