Event held on September 25

Warrumbungles & Pilliga Supported Cycle Tour

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Cycling offers a truly unique way to experience the dramatic peaks of the Warrumbungles, the dominant backdrop of this carefully planned route in northwestern NSW. The name ‘Warrumbungle’ is a Gamilaroi word meaning crooked mountains. Created over millions of years from an extinct shield volcano, the jagged volcanic silhouette of the Warrumbungles rises sharply from eucalypt-dotted ridges amid surrounding plains. Free from artificial light, the Warrumbungle National Park is Australia's first Dark Sky Park and on clear nights you will encounter the starriest of skies. From different perspectives, and taking in the surrounding countryside and classic rural towns, the route crosses its way between the Warrumbungle National Park and the Pilliga to the north. In the Pilliga, the wide landscapes are swapped for forest trails which envelop you in a timeless region. This is Gamillaroi Country, meaning 'swamp oaks'. This area is teaming in biodiversity and is home to the largest koala population in NSW west of the Great Dividing Range. The rock sculptures of the Pilliga are a highlight as are the little known forest trails alive with birdlife. The Warrumbungles & Pilliga Supported Cycle Tour departure dates for 2022: 27 Mar 2022 - 1 Apr 2022 25 Sept 2022 - 30 Sept 2022 24 Nov 2022 - 29 Nov 2022