Event held on September 11

27th National Model A Ford Meet

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 17/09/2022


The 27th National Model A Ford Meet comes to Goulburn in 2022, and it will be known as “Rally to the Ram”, from 11-17 Sept 2022. Upwards of 450 participants and 250 Model A Fords are expected to attend from all over Australia. These vintage cars were manufactured between 1928 & 1931, following the Model T and are known as “The New Ford”. Many of these cars will be driven to Goulburn by their owners from as far away as Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Brisbane. This event will be staged from the Grace Millsom Centre, rally HQ, and will include runs all over the Goulburn District, as well as a static display in the centre of Goulburn on Friday 16th September. These rallies are held every two years and are hosted by a state Model A Ford Club, and the NSW Model A Ford Club will be hosting this one-week event. This is a one-week event held every two years for Model A Ford owners from all over Australia.