Event held on December 10

Battle of the Border

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 12/12/2021


This horse and carriage event consists of 3 phases, not unlike 3 day eventing except the horses are pulling a carriage, they are not being ridden. Free entry for Spectators into the event. Phase 1 – Dressage Horses have to complete a test with an arena of 100m x 40m involves doing a set pattern with different elements and movements throughout the test. This is judged by 3 judges. Phase 2 – The marathon which includes roads, tracks and 6 obstacles (instead of jumps). Each obstacle has 6 narrow gates in it which each competitor has to manoeuvre his horse and carriage through at speed. Phase 3 – Cones (instead of show jumping) they have to go through a minimum of 20 sets of cones with balls on top. Each set of cones is set at certain width, depending on the width of the carriage. There is only 10cm either side of the carriage wheels and with the red flag on the driver’s right side they must wind their way through the cones course at speed without knowing the cones, if a cone is knocked the ball falls off and the competitor incurs penalty points.