Event held on March 28

Vintage Sports Car Sprints

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Vintage Sports Car Sprints The 1.5 kilometre long, 18 metre wide, Cootamundra Airport runway allows two cars to safely run side by side over the timed 400 metres. Cars will be pre-1985 and will participate in either full speed timed acceleration sprints or regularity sprints. The latter allows vintage cars to accelerate over the 400 metres at any comfortable speed they choose and once a time has been given then the object will be to come as close to that as possible in subsequent runs. They will continue the informal arrangement of past years in which competitors choose their running mate as generally, this has resulted in good matches. They create good old fashioned vintage fun without risking the cars. State of the art electronic timing is used. Roll bars are not required. No other licensing is required. The event will be open to VSCCA, VSCC Vic, HSRCA, Gear and other car clubs with suitable cars as set out in the supplementary regulations.