Event held on May 25

Kizomba Dance Class

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Kizomba hails from the streets of Angola. With addictive music and hypnotic movements Kizomba has taken the world by Storm. Teachers Adriano and Genevieve are two of Australia's leading Kizomba instructors who specialise in both Kizomba and fusion styles. Kizomba is all about connecting with a partner, sharing a harmonious and creative dance and having fun. Everyone is a beginner at some stage so it is never too late to start. Adriano e Genevieve will take you through all the basic movements, get you comfortable dancing with a partner and soon you will no doubt be addicted to this special dance. Think of moving meditation meets an awesome freestyle jam in your home. This is the feeling of Kizomba! Its a hug and a dance at the same time. Entry Cost All tickets $20