Event held on September 14

Present from the Past - An Exhibition Inspired by the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Daily, until 14/09/2019


Even though the Nguyen dynasty lasted only 143 years, the imprints it left in Vietnam’s cultural identity is undeniably profound and impactful. To the extent that, sometimes, when thinking of an ancient Vietnam, ample people immediately associate it with the Vietnam of that era. The culture of that time has always been an endless inspiration and abundant resource for artists and designers. The exhibition "Present From The Past” will introduce to the audience the artworks and designs which are inspired by that time as well as the sophisticated and opulent vestiges of the Nguyen dynasty. With that in mind, the spectators can grasp an overview of what was once so magnificent and elegant and how its essence has seeped into the creativity of Vietnamese young artists nowadays. Entry Cost All tickets $0 - Other tickets: Pay what you want Children under 12: Free