Event held on December 26

Hat Head Trig Marathon

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


On every boxing day hundreds of people take the challenge of the Hat Head Trig Marathon. Commencing at the club house in Main Street, Hat Head participants make their way across a creek before trying to find there way through dense bush up and down Hat Head mountain. From there it’s back across the creek where many calves tremble under the transition from running to wading and paddling – and finally, the finish back where it all started. There are both junior and senior divisions with registration available on the day. The events inception dates back to ’60s, folklore that says the race concept stemmed from a bet between bowling club patrons as they enjoyed a schooner. A man known as Les Caine was often seen walking around on foot, and by all accounts was very physically fit. One day he was asked how long it would take him to run what would become the Hat Head Trig course. His response was met with disbelief and resulted in a wager. Mr Caine, as legend would have them believe, accepted the challenge that day and the Trig marathon was born.