Event held on June 21

Lismore Friendship Festival's: Piazza in the Park

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Event runs from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM


Their fifth Piazza in the Park, will be an authentic, free, family friendly event that encourages visitors to come to Lismore for a weekend of festivities centred around the positive contribution Italian settlers brought to the region last century whilst strengthening Lismore’s friendship relationship with Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto in Italy that was formed in 1991. The festival is growing in reputation both locally and outside the region. Held in Lismore's beautiful Spinks Park, in the town centre, the 106 year old rotunda comes to life with the sounds of Italian music whilst the dance floor provides a place where everyone can join in. The outdoor riverside location is filled with music, food, wine and diverse activities with a distinctive Italian twist. Dress up in the Italian colours of the flag (green, white and red), learn how to dance the Tarantella or a few words in Italian, hear how New Italy came to be and what's it like to be an Italian immigrant, savour the delights of Italian fare and meet up with family and friends on the day after Lismore’s iconic Lantern Parade! Why not make a long weekend of it? You too will fall in love with LisAmore!