Event held on May 19

Mindfulness and Meditation Three Day Retreat

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Event runs from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Daily, until 19/05/2019


Join them on this journey of self-discovery through mindfulness and meditation where you will discover your calmer and more connected self. Through individual and group experience and learning, they will share tools, practices and principles for developing your inner being. Nature, tranquil space like-minded people will support you in honouring this valuable time for yourself. Nestled amongst acres of secluded bushland by the headwaters of a mountain stream (Karuah River). You will be able to focus completely on health, healing and relaxation. Enjoy a break away from the everyday life and join them for three days in foothills of Barrington Tops, the beautiful Riverwood Downs. This retreat will give you time to rest, restore your energies, and find that all-elusive inner-calm in a peaceful and tranquil setting at Riverwood Downs Throughout this Retreat you will learn Mindfulness and Meditation and be shown practical tools that you can use every day to create peace and harmony. You will learn about the importance of emotional wellbeing to maintain inner peace and techniques to easily calm your busy mind. This is a time to nurture yourself and restore a sense of balance. Entry Cost Adult $590 - Includes: Mindfulness and Meditation Transformational Retreat Program All Meals Included - Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunches, Afternoon Tea and Dinners Accommodation Additional - contact Riverwood Downs for all available options