Event held on November 04

Mayoral Candidates Forum

Provided by: CLSD - Cooperative Legal Service Delivery

Event runs from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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At this public forum local leaders will share stories of lived experience, expertise, and negotiate policy proposals with candidates.


*What to expect at this forum*

Hunter Community Alliance leaders, members, and allies will share stories and professional expertise on the issues of homelessness, housing, and climate change in the context of how people in the Newcastle LGA are affected.

Co-chairs from our membership will present the policy proposals they have developed this year to help solve and alleviate those local issues. Co-chairs will negotiate those proposals with candidates and seek commitments to make them happen.

A focus of these proposals will be on-going collaboration and inclusion of the community in developing solutions.


Hunter Community Alliance uses community organising methods to connect people, identify shared interests and issues, develop leaders and solve common local problems.

Over 6 months, our members undertook a listening campaign to hear what people's greatest concerns were and what their experience of those issues looked and felt like.

This work led to teams forming to work on policy and structural change to improve conditions of homelessness, housing affordability, and climate change.

About Hunter Community Alliance

Hunter Community Alliance is a collaboration of diverse community organisations, environmental groups, unions and religious organisations to advance the common good and achieve fair, just and sustainable cities and regions. We do this by providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them, their families and everyone working and living in our cities and regions. We are a non-party political organisation. Our membership represents about 250,000 people in the Hunter region.

We are a citizen-led, non-partisan political organisation.