Event held on July 09

Astrology Class for Beginners

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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This fascinating four-hour astrology workshop gives you the basic knowledge to be able to interpret your astrological chart! Upon booking, you will provide your date of birth, time and location of birth and receive a free copy of your birth chart for reference to use on the day. During the online workshop, which is perfect for total beginners, the teacher will cover what the planets in a chart reveal about you and understand more about the signs that they sit in and the houses, which indicate the areas of your life which are likely to play an important role. They will talk about how your Ascendant and Descendant influence, the way that you approach situations and greet the outside world. You will learn how the planets in your chart influence each other and in doing so, gain real insight into which natural abilities that you have and how they can be used effectively. Entry Cost All tickets $99