Event held on June 19

Theatre - The Haunting

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Event runs from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Daily, until 19/06/2021


Do you dare to lay an unhappy spirit to eternal rest? This Ghost Story Mystery is set in an old cottage on the outskirts of Sydney, with you, the audience, written into the story's narrative. This is not your typical ticketed theatre event where you get to sit down and enjoy the show. This time you are part of the story and can engage with the characters in the story, in real-time, as you are guided through an old haunted cottage to solve an ancient mystery. Your story begins on the outside of this cottage, and it is up to you to exorcise the house of an unhappy spirit. To do so, you will need to deduce the truth of events in this house from over a hundred years ago. Every previous attempt to cleanse this house has been tragically unsuccessful. Can you succeed where all the others have failed? The production is to be hosted in the Don Banks Museum, an old Cottage built in the 1850s that has somehow managed to survive and retain its original charm in the suburb of North Sydney. Entry Cost All tickets $34 - One price only.