Event held on June 26

Chef Knife Making Workshop: Forged Chef Knife

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Event runs from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Chef Knife Making Workshop, one-day hands-on experience Come spend an exciting day with them on this practical introduction to knife making, and go home with your very own hand forged chef knife from high carbon steel and a beautiful handle! You will experience shaping your own knife with hammer and fire, as well as learn a bit about the forge, anvil, tools and techniques used in blacksmithing. This is the most involved workshop they have and includes forging your own blade, heat treating it yourself, grinding it to shape and attaching it to a pre-made handle. Day consists of: Safety briefing, tool overview, hammer/anvil/grinder/heat treatment Blacksmithing: Forging your own blade form high-carbon steel Heat treatment: Heat to non-magnetic and quench your blade Lunch break: hydrate after forging session and get some food into you Grinding room: Safety, tool overview, grinder operation, blade grinding technique Grinding the blade: profile to your design, grind bevels to sharp Finishing the blade: Progress to high grit belts and finish with scotch brite for a satin grinder-finish Handle fitting: select a pre-made handle and attach this to your chef knife Entry Cost Adult $475 - Only suitable for Adults, over 16 years of age due to tools and safety understanding required. The cost for the one-day workshop is AUD500 or AUD475 if booking two or more. They can also do private sessions for groups of three people