Event held on July 01

The Silk Road | Concert 1

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Event runs from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


The journey continues! After hitting roadblocks in 2021, finally our musical trip along the ancient silk roads can continue. The Silk Road Redux revives our popular Chamber Music Series in 2022, sending us across the Bosphorus to Constantinople and beyond! Doors open 6pm, performance begins 6:30pm 2022 Chamber Music Series | The Silk Road Redux Travel across cultures, along the Silk Road from East to West with the musicians of the Orange Regional Conservatorium as your guide. Over the span of four concerts, listeners will be taken on a musical journey along the path of the Silk Road. Beginning in the Far East with music from Japan and China, through Russia and the Steppes, onto the Middle East before reaching our destination in Europe. Music from or inspired by each region will feature across the series, classics will be heard alongside folk melodies in diverse and inspiring programs, drawing together the Conservatorium’s wealth of experienced musicians, themselves from a diversity of cultures.