Event held on May 13

[CANCELLED] TWO – Raghav Handa’s

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Event runs from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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TWO sees Raghav Handa’s long-awaited return to FORM’s Dance Bites seasons following his acclaimed solo Tukre’ presented in 2015. An Australian choreographer and performer of Indian heritage, Raghav has worked with Sydney Dance Company, Force Majeure, Contemporary Asian Australian Performance, as well as First Nations choreographers Vicki Van Hout and Marilyn Miller. In his impressive career, Raghav has developed a unique movement style, which weaves together swift circular movement patterns of Kathak dance with robust contemporary vocabulary. Raghav’s new work subverts the conventional wisdom underpinning traditional Indian Kathak. Central to the form is the hierarchy between musician and dancer. The former leads and latter follow; a principle as old as Kathak itself. With long-time collaborator and tabla player Maharshi Raval, Raghav asks what happens when these roles are reversed? What happens when the musician comes into the dancer’s space? What happens if the dancer sets the rhythm; if the dancer takes control? What creative potential lies in respectfully challenging tradition? In classic Raghav Handa style, TWO is playful, full of humour, physically demanding, and treats its subject matter with the grace and reverence it deserves. Entry Cost All tickets $28