Event held on September 11

Dropknee Sessions

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Event runs from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Well firstly, being able to work directly with the riders and using their experience and ideas gifted this event to have the ability to run in the best possible conditions for DK. It would enable the riders to either put up or shut up. It would give value for money. It would allow evolution. It simply would let the riders create the event they wanted. Every bit of talk, information, emails, text or ideas I had been given went into creating this event. New formats, new ideas, the use of the priority system, man on man heats, more time in the water.....all from riders ideas or suggestions. The first-ever event was held at Breakwall. It was a real smack in the face for me as a promoter as I was flooded with 48 entries which filled the draw and I had the unfortunate dealings of knocking back another 10 riders from the event due to the event being a sellout! Beside all that.......the success of DKS all came down to the riders wanting to come together collectively and just create good times. Riders from all around the globe have made this event what it is...and that is why DKS is the event that everyone wants to win!