Event held on October 29

Halloween Dusk 2 Dawn

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 30/10/2022


Dressed up to trick or treat through the seven kilometre forest course. The Halloween sun isn't fully set and already the candy wrappers blow. Seven kilometre and Dusk to Dawn 12 hour solo and teams runners will brave the forest first, followed by the Moonlight Marathon and Twilight Half Marathon runners. Every runner disappears, you enter at their own risk, only seven kilometres (lap) to attempt at a time. The gentle yellow flicker from the brave souls that dare to trick or treat running through the forest , will they be guided by the faint lights. Midnight sees a change of direction for all runners already lost in the forest. It also sees the brave souls of the Midnight Half Marathon runners start. Forgetting about candy entirely now they stand with bemused expressions, glancing at one another, waiting to be let in on the joke. Are you game to take on the forest, only the strongest will survive. ?