Event held on April 10

Live Action Escape Walk - Escape Port Macquarie

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Daily, until 18/04/2021


As part of celebrating and commemorating the 200 years of Port Macquarie - Hastings and in conjunction with Port Macquarie Hastings Council we are bringing to life our "Escape Port Macquarie" escape walk, which will immerse Adventurers in the history of Port Macquarie and take them on a journey to unlock their freedom. The "Live Action" escape walk is based upon our existing escape walk "Escape Port Macquarie": Transported back to the 1820’s, you are a convict from overseas that has been sent to Port Macquarie on a ship. You and several of your fellow convicts have escaped captivity and are now hiding from the guards who are looking for you. But this time there is a twist. Adventurers will not only need to solve clues to escape and reach their freedom, they will be met along the way by characters in the story and some may help you with your freedom and others may try and trick you, who will you believe? And remember you have to watch our for the guards, you do not want to get caught and be incarcerated for life. Escape Port Macquarie is the only route to freedom, but there is only 2.5 hours to escape or you will be captured and incarcerated for life! Entry Cost All tickets $35 - Per Adventurer over 10 years old.