Event held on July 24

Port Macquarie Body Mind and Soul Festival

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 25/07/2021


Their Psychic Channelling night is an enlightening experience for all, 5 Psychics come together to bring messages from the other side, from Loved ones, Friends and pets. It brings healing and closure for many, brings answers to those who have felt lost due to the death of someone they love. After their channelling experience, the Psychics move around the room giving mini one on one readings to all. Their Body Mind and Soul Festival is an amazing weekend filled with much to do with Psychic and Tarot Readings, Aura photos, Spiritual Healers, Psychic Artist will draw your Animal guide, Stem Cell therapy, Crystals, Oracle cards, Sage and Sacred Mists, Soy Candles and Melts, Mindfulness therapist, In-light essences, Bath salts and bombs, Books, Body Work massage, and much more.