Event held on August 16

All Season Cold Climate Organic Vegetable Growing

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Event runs from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM


Growing vegetables is a rewarding step to self reliance and self sufficiency. Come with them for a day to discover the pleasure of growing chemical free vegetables in the remarkable cool climate region in NSW. Taste what they grow over a light lunch and dream of what you can grow to sustain your family and community. What you will discover: Understanding your climate zone, particularly a cool climate zone, growing in all seasons, preparing your soil for planting, when and what to plant, protecting your plants from frosts, the latest know-how and tools about and watering weeding, keeping garden pests away. Bronwyn Richards and Helen Lynch live a sustainable life in a small rural community. They both love growing food of the best quality they can and raising farm animals to the highest standard of animal welfare possible in return for the top quality meat and eggs they give. Both take every opportunity to share their joy and deep sense of satisfaction in food production with like minded people who are looking for meaning and value in their lives beyond their standard routine. Entry Cost All tickets $175 - Couples discount applies