Event held on June 13

Ingrid Bowen | Peregrine

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, until 13/06/2021


Sydney based artist Ingrid Bowen will open a solo exhibition at Suki and Hugh Gallery in Bungendore on Saturday 8 May 2021. Entitled Peregrine, the show will be the artist’s third with the gallery. Reflecting on an era of upheaval and disruption, Ingrid Bowen’s new works in watercolour and ink are focused on themes of comfort and restoration. The artist uses the Australian bush as the antidote to life’s stresses and immerses the viewer in her journey. Every element has been carefully considered for this exhibition. The composition of the works is cropped to give the viewer a sense of being surrounded. ‘The dappled sunlight overhead and the rhythmic tree-forms and silhouettes’ are designed to reflect ‘life’s rhythms and journeys’. Pathways conjure the ‘comforting repetition of footfall echoed by the breath and heartbeats marking time.’ The act of wandering opens the way to properly realising and engaging with the landscape, noticing the details within the bigger picture and allowing the bush to impart its restorative power.