Event held on June 25

Lissa Barnum, 'Miracles and Gratitude'

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, until 25/06/2022


Mexican born, Lissa’s playground was her Mum’s Mexico City gallery, representing the works of Rivera, Siqueiros, Khalo and Zuniga. In 1982, Lissa emigrated to Australia with partner Andrew, both graphic designers, artists & musicians. The familiarity of Indigenous culture, flora and fauna made her fall in love with her new home. Totems and representations of nature and culture created in the Mexican ex-voto miracle style, give thanks to the many events challenging the region the last few years: fires, floods and COVID. The work is colourful, transmitting messages in both English and Spanish, giving thanks through creatures such as birds, donkeys, horses, chickens and dogs, many of which she owns. It expresses respect for the South Coast landscape as well as learnings from its First Nation’s people.