Event held on October 23

The Virtual Honda Snowy Ride

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Event runs from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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The Honda Snowy Ride for 2020 is going Virtual! In a world that has changed so dramatically in just a few months, Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation has made the decision to postpone its final Snowy Ride held in the Snowy Mountains region. Instead in 2020 we will be hosting the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride. Online registrations remain open until the first Saturday in November 2020. Here’s how to join the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride 2020: Register for the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride 2020 and you will automatically be entered into the major prize draw (see details online). Once you’ve registered, you will receive your 'start pack' via email, which will include your entry number, an outline of how the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride will work, how to enter the photo competition for the minor prize draw every month and the image of the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride sticker. Complete your Snowy Ride, either virtually or in real life, and share it with them. No matter whether you choose to do your ride on a motorcycle, a pushbike, or stationery in the comfort of your own home, you can join the Virtual Honda Snowy Ride and make a difference to kids with cancer.