Event held on June 19

Magical Mosaics!

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Event runs from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Its time to piece it all back together – tile-by-broken-tile – and create your very own work of art! (and give your new-age hippy aunt a run for her money!) In this workshop, let Miriam from Creativity Wild break it down for you and show you to create a 30x30cm trivet or mural. You’ll start your mosaic journey with a set kit, equipped with 4 main colours, but don’t worry!– students are able to mix up their tiles from the swap box full of pattern tiles and bits and bobs, ensuring that each work is unique and tailored to the individual. By the end of this workshop, everything will be glued in place, and Miriam will send you home with the grout needed to finish off your pieces, plus a ‘How to Grout’ video tutorial. So come see what the fuss is about, and leave with something you’ll be proud of! Entry Cost All tickets $120