Event held on June 23

Prima Facie

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 10/07/2021


Griffin Theatre Company and Seymour Centre will present Suzie Miller’s sharp and poignant?play,?Prima Facie?(winner of the 2018 Griffin Award),?from 23rd?June to 10th?July at Seymour Centre. Directed?by?Helpmann Award?winner,?Lee Lewis (The Bleeding Tree,?The Almighty Sometimes,?Kill Climate Deniers),?Prima Facie?is a rapid-fire and gripping one-woman show that exposes the shortcomings of a patriarchal justice system where it’s her word against his. Criminal lawyer Tessa, played by acclaimed?actor,?Sheridan?Harbridge?(Channel?7’s?The Doctor Blake?Mysteries, Belvoir’s?Stop Girl), is at the top of her game and knows the law permits no room for emotion. Tessa loves to win, even when defending clients accused of?sexual assault. However, when she finds herself on the other side of the bar, Tessa is forced into the same shadows of doubt she has so ruthlessly cast over other women. Prima Facie?is an indictment of the Australian legal system’s failure to provide reliable pathways to justice for women in rape, sexual assault or harassment cases. Though it is a work of fiction, Miller’s superb script is a story we know all too well. Entry Cost All tickets $38