Event held on June 13


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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Daily, until 13/06/2021


Love flamcenco? This radical, flamenco-based performance undermines expectations and ignores the rules. Experimental, raw and adventurous, it explores gender, movement and sound, and de-mystifies this very traditional dance. Salón Flamenco 2021 is an elastic collective of artists from across Australia, including Lisa Maris McDonnel, Annalouise Paul, Maree Laffan, Tomas Arroquero, Nuria Rodriguez, Paloma Negra and Yasmin Amber. These artists move away from traditional tropes, and de-mystify flamenco as a dance – making it contemporary and accessible to everyone. They also explore what it means to be Australian artists performing a traditional Spanish dance so far away from its motherland. Entry Cost All tickets $30