Event held on June 24

Cockatoo Island Ghost Tour (18+)

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Event runs from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Daily, until 26/06/2021


The Sixth Sense. Paranormal Activity. The Conjuring. Ghosts continue to captivate the public imagination, satisfying our primeval desire for a good scare… but supernatural encounters aren’t just the stuff of Hollywood. From reported ghost sightings to spine-tingling ‘felt’ experiences, Cockatoo Island – a former convict prison and dockyard – has a history of paranormal occurrences that stretches back more than a century. Find out for yourself with Cockatoo Island’s after-dark Ghost Tour (18+)! Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll search for ghosts in historic (and, some would argue, haunted) buildings, rarely open to the public. Wielding a K-II EMF reader and a pendulum (devices used in paranormal detection), our guide will test your mettle with hair-raising paranormal tales and macabre true stories, including grisly murders, botched prison escapes and episodes of gang violence. Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, scare-proof or easily spooked, one thing’s guaranteed… our Ghost Tour is a unique way to experience the darker side of Sydney. PLUS: Are you a film buff or horror hound? Dare to try our Overnight Fright package! After the Ghost Tour, we’ll screen a horror film for you in our Convict Cinema. Plus, you’ll get to spend the night in our waterfront campground…pleasant dreams, happy camper.