Event held on September 05

Ocean Talks: Bligh and Extreme Journeys

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Event runs from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


The question they’ll be asking in this fascinating discussion is: do extreme modern day journeys match the tenacity and skills demonstrated by William Bligh and his loyal men who, in 1789, navigated 6,500 kilometres of treacherous seas eventually reaching safety in Timor? Join two modern-day adventurers Michelle Lee and Alex Luther as they discuss how they conquered incredible feats of endurance on the open seas. Sydney-based adventurer Alex Luther water-skied 3,699 kilometres from Africa to Italy in under 10 days. Despite having never previously water-skied Alex was driven by a desire to recreate the same journey his marathon water skiing grandfather, Harry Luther, completed in 1970. Michelle Lee has just returned from completing a two month solo-rowing odyssey across the Atlantic Ocean covering a distance of more than 5,000 kilometres. In this discussion, Bligh’s dramatic journey of real-life survival will be compared with the experiences of modern day ocean adventurers. This discussion will be hosted by maritime museum’s senior curator Daina Fletcher. Note: Ticket includes light refreshments and the opportunity from 5pm – 6pm to view the exhibition Bligh – Hero or Villain? as well as an 80th anniversary exhibit on Oskar Speck’s seven year journey from Germany to Australia. Entry Cost Adult $35 Member $20