Event held on June 13

Cloud Flowers Exhibition

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 13/06/2021


Cloud Flowers are magic, in imagining. They are messages of hope, optimism, strength, and inner peace. Cloud Flowers awaken memories, give solace to the present and cultivate dreams for the future. All great things have materialised from someone imagining, dreaming, wishing. A wish can offer meaning and solace during prayer. Wishes are not necessarily exclusive but are inclusive and cross many religions and cultures. Depending upon the age, country of origin, geographical location, and family background wishes can be similar and wishes can be different. Their wishes can be for themselves, their wishes can be for others. This project is an activation of our inner worlds at a moment in time. It is an attempt to realize and share their dreams, hopes, our wishes, and fears. These fears can be the vehicle for wishing through the gift of adversity. Adversity as such gives us agency to reconsider our hopes and in doing so, we dare to dream. Tell me your wishes and I’ll take away your fear.